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Bringing a new era in microscopy to the ICR

Technology plays a major role in delivering excellent science for the benefit of patients. Our scientists need access to the latest in scientific equipment in order to progress our cutting-edge research. We hope to acquire a powerful new microscope — a game-changer in how we view and understand cancer cells.

Discovery Club - Bring a new era in microscopy to the ICR

Powerful microscopes give our scientists insight into the inner workings of cancer cells. They provide a snapshot of what’s going on within, and on the outside of, a cell and give researchers crucial clues as to how a cell is behaving. Some microscopes also allow our scientists to view live cell behaviour in 3D and in real-time, providing greater understanding of the dynamics within a cell. But these microscopes come with a drawback — they sacrifice resolution and speed, and can damage live cells due to light intensity. 

But we are now entering a new era in ‘super resolution’ microscopy. No longer do we need to make sacrifices in image quality to achieve 3D live cell images. The ICR is hoping to acquire the first of these super resolution microscopes in the UK. Invented by Nobel Laureate Dr Eric Betzig, the microscope will enable our scientists to study living, very fragile samples like never before.

This microscope, together with an extensive suite of cell imaging technology, will be housed in a new facility in our Chelsea laboratories. We would like to ask members of The Discovery Club to pump prime the facility and be instrumental in bringing a new era in microscopy to the ICR.

If you would like to advance technology at the ICR, please contact Sonya Timms, Head of Major Gifts, by phone on 020 7153 5298 or by email.


Thomas Bland Deputy Director Of Development (Trusts and Corporates)
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