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The Discovery Club

Members of The Discovery Club are invited to join us and help our scientists and clinicians to make the discoveries that defeat cancer by making an annual philanthropic investment in our work.

  • The Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery

    We plan to build a new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery, so that our scientists and clinicians can discover even more and better treatments for cancer patients.

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  • Bring a new era in microscopy to the ICR

    We are seeking to acquire one of the world’s most innovative microscopes and create a new facility that will help us to study cancer cells in unprecedented detail.

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  • Training the next generation

    The ICR Studentship Awards support a selection of talented PhD students and help to ensure that we continue to give the world the best in science, scientists and cancer treatments.

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The ICR has a superb track record in cancer research dating back to our foundation in 1909. Today, we recruit and retain the best scientists from around the world and we are firmly focused on our strategy to deliver precision cancer therapy tailored for individual patients. We have already made some significant advances towards this, but there is much more we need to do.

The Discovery Club is a high level giving club which asks members to help us drive forward our scientific strategy by making a philanthropic investment towards projects of highest priority for the ICR. For 2016, these are: 

Members of The Discovery Club are invited to join us for a special series of events to get to know our leading scientists and clinicians, to discuss the impact of their research and to visit their laboratories. You will also receive regular written updates, and we would be delighted to acknowledge your support in our publications.

To join The Discovery Club or to find out more, please contact Lara Jukes on 020 7153 5192 or by email.

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